Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller

  • September 30, 2022
  • briantally
  • 2 min read

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller

Retired Marine Corps Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller speaks out against the debacle of the Afghanistan pullout as the culmination of a decades-long and still-ongoing betrayal of military members by top leadership, from generals to the commander in chief, comes to light. Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller, a highly decorated combat Veteran was the perfect Marine. Battle tested. A leader. Decorated for valor.

Yet when the United States acted like the Keystone Cops in a panicked haphazard exit from Afghanistan for political reasons – Scheller spoke out, and the generals lashed out. In fact, they jailed him to keep him quiet, claiming he lost the “trust and confidence” bestowed upon him by the Marine Corps.

When the faith and trust is exactly what our generals and even our commander-in-chief betrayed by exercising such reckless and derelict policies. Now Scheller is free from the shackles of the Marine Corps and can finally speak his mind in His new book, titled ‘Crisis of Command’… He holds our generals’ feet to the fire. The same generals who play frivolously with the lives of our service men and women for political gain. The same general who lied to political leaders to further their own agendas and careers.

Stuart Scheller is here to say that the buck stops here. Accountability starts now. It’s time to demand accountability and stand up for our military.